We believe in doing more.
Doing more for the people who
do more for us:

Our valued specialist retailers.

We’ve listened, we’ve reflected and now we’re taking action with a new approach to sales and distribution. As you already invest so much effort in selling our brand, we’re going to show our loyalty by helping you sell yours. There are no points to collect, no lame prizes and no uneven playing fields: just a range of initiatives, services and support to build, improve and promote your business.

As the people who deliver more, we know you deserve more. So here it is. Our commitment to you. A genuine commitment to helping you achieve more. More sales potential. More customers. More profit opportunities.

The new era has already begun.
And there’s More in Store for you.

More InStore

How More in Store will support retailers

  • Protection of the Brand Online
  • Digital Support
  • Regular Communications
  • Training
  • Exclusive Product Range
  • Business Support
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Trade Promotions

In addition, More in Store registered retailers will be featured in the Franke Dealer Locator - sending more potential customers to your showroom.